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The Book Of April by Yenie Emmanuel

What has life taught you about Success? “

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An African (Nigerian) read written as a memoir of April Anjou, the main character of the story. A story set in the land of Lagos, we discover April, who comes from a broken home, her journey to achieve excellence in life, quality education, great relationships, successful careers and all of lifes’ gifts.⁣⁣

Yenie Emmanuel, is a Nigerian author, and this is her debut novel. Her style of writing is great and easy to read.

This book spotlights on strength in the face of adversities, perseverance, drive to succeed and finally faith in the power of God to overcome all challenges.

A quick, light read, would recommend it for new comers in the literary world, for all who need lessons on upliftment and encouragement.⁣⁣

It wasn’t a perfect read but for a debut book it sends across a message. I was kinda angry with God on April’s behalf, like why did she have to go through all these trials?😒

In all it was a good read, and I would recommend it to everyone especially young adults!

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