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The Color Purple by Alice Walker

“He laugh. Who you think you is? he say. You can’t curse nobody. Look at you. You black, you pore, you ugly, you a woman. Goddam, he say, you nothing at all.”

-Mr. ___

The Color Purple, take a deep breath, I love this book!! Do you know why? It is a calm story, I don’t usually read calm stories but I loved this!

This is my third classic read for the year and I’m proud of myself 😏.

The color purple portrays Celie, a young lady, who is raped by her supposed father, loses her mum and is sent off to marry another man. We are taken through Celie’s life written as letters to God, Celie’s growth, her strength and will to survive.

Celie’s sister Nettie leaves home as well to explore the world and we are also taken through her life experiences.

This story is a story of love, hope and how two sisters eventually come together after their different life journeys in a world filled with travails, taking us through their love life, children and friends they meet along the way.

The color purple is seen to signify hope and appreciation for all the things God has given us, I really loved the take of some characters in this book on the theme ‘religion’.

Themes that were also expressed in this book were Feminism, Rape, Illiteracy, Masculinity, Motherhood, Sexism, Friendship, Gender as well as Family love.

We see the relationship five different women have with themselves and the men in their lives, we see how each woman grows based on experiences they pass through as the story unravels.

The craziness expressed by some of the characters too were funny, but in all there were lots of lessons to be learnt. You would definitely want to read this book!! This was the bookclubs read for the month of May and we definitely had a good time with it.

One question I have for you today is:

Do you actually share God? “

Here are some quotes I really loved:

“You making your living, Celie, she say. Girl, you on your way.

-Shug Avery

Get you friends that support you always! ❤️❤️💞

“Here’s the thing, say Shug. The thing I believe. God is inside you and inside everybody else. You come into the world with God. But only them that search for it inside find it. And sometimes it just manifest itself even if you not looking, or don’t know what you looking for. Trouble do it for most folks, I think. Sorrow, lord. Feeling like shit.”

“You telling me God love you, and you ain’t never done nothing for him? I mean, not go to church, sing in the choir, feed the preacher and all like that? – Celie

But if God love me, Celie, I don’t have to do all that. Unless I want to. There’s a lot of other things I can do that I speck God likes. Like what? I ast. Oh, she say. I can lay back and just admire stuff. Be happy. Have a good time. Well, this sound like blasphemy sure nuff.”

-Shug Avery

This message is really a beautiful one, you don’t have to do all this to be God’s child, you know, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t perform these acts but they aren’t the deciding factors.

“To stay alive, I say. What else? Course some folks eat cause food taste good to ’em. Then some is gluttons. They love to feel they mouth work.”

I felt attacked while reading this passage😂😂😅 because I’m such a foodie😏

That’s all folks till our next book review!!


I'm a Pharmacist, an avid reader, music enthusiast and a lover of all things beautiful and fun. I promote books and the art of reading!! ❤️❤️

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