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Red Lines by Timi Waters : A Review

“Bekere looked about her and called for help, some gossipy women, sitting at a veranda across the street, who had earlier seen Alice come out of the clinic and knew what she had just done, looked at Bekere in scorn and ignored her.

In situations like this, the woman was regarded by society as the stupid one. No one points fingers at the man; no one talked about the man. All everyone was interested in saying was, “See that stupid girl, she got pregnant out of wedlock, now she has done abortion, shior!””

Red Lines, I’m having mixed feelings here you know😏, when I started reading this book, I was like alright, let’s keep an open mind and read this book and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m in love with this book which is the first installment in a series and I can’t wait to read the rest.

As a Nigerian female and a romance addict😂😊, this book depicts how I picture any Nigerian love story to play out.

Timi Waters is a budding female Nigerian writer and I am proud of this work, it’s engaging, the beginning was a bit slow but along the line you just want to know what will happen next, there were some cliche moments but that is expected too. I have high hopes for Timi in the literary world.

Red Lines tells the story of Bekere, a beautiful, simple, preschool teacher who meets Folu, the CEO of Bade Inc. and their intense love story begins.

I fell in love with these characters so much, Timi introduces us to them separately so I got to love them individually and was rooting for them till the end.

I love Folu’s intensity, he gives off pure manly vibes.

““I’ll find you, Bekere, whether you tell me ways to meet you again or not, I’ll find you.””


Did you read that?!

Moving on, Folu has a Twin Fola, who is quite the playboy and there exists a strong sibling rivalry. Fola wants payback for all the wrongs Folu has supposedly committed against him and decides to steal his woman by every tactic including exposing all Folu’s secrets. Things get crazy and I’m left on a cliffhanger.

I really don’t like book series but I will have to be patient😏.

Red Lines was an intriguing story, easy to read. I love books where I get to learn new words. I also love that it is infused with Nigerian traits such as how any female still single at 27 years is seen as an issue, how we aren’t allowed to be selective of our spouse at that age because hello, your maternal clock is ticking, how it’s not good to leave your father’s home as a single woman, although that’s gradually changing in some homes. She also shed light on the bad health care system in Nigeria, Nigerians infatuation with God even when they aren’t doing the right things, how some courses in school are seen as the ideal course while others are ” I read it so it will be said that I have a degree” course😂.

Nigeria is such an interesting country, believe me! It was fun reading this book, can’t wait to read more on Bekere and Folu’s story and how it would end.

The major themes and lessons expressed in this book were:

1.Children upbringing; parents should always monitor and observe their children closely, learn to not pick favorites, love your children equally.

2.Rape: Although this was quite subtle, with everything happening in our society I had to butress on this point. A lot of men are raped at young ages, let’s learn to be sensitive to our young ones, let love lead people!

3. Gender issues in Nigeria.

Alright, off with you, you can read this first installment on or app or website for a little token, have fun, till the next review!

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What are your thoughts on committing abortion?

I would love to read your thoughts on the question and themes/traits from this review brought up in Red Lines in the comment section!



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4 thoughts on “Red Lines by Timi Waters : A Review

  1. The power to procreate is a gift from God almighty, the creator and though imperfection and sickness made it impossible or difficult for some people to possess this gift therefore making it seem uneven for all humans. So taking away a budding life is a murderous act as indicated in the bible book of exodus 21:22_23. I am not judging here but giving my candid opinion, I never liked the idea of abortion.
    I would also say that I love your review of redlines, the book got me thinking about the characters for days.

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    1. Thank you so much!! I love your view too on abortions. I’m keeping an open mind, I want to read everyone’s thoughts, it’s been a topic of discussion for some time.


  2. Beautiful review, I would really love to read this book.
    Personally I believe people should take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid putting themselves in such situations. I understand that certain mistakes happen albeit unexpectedly but please and please try as much as you can to avoid it and if it comes, do what is necessary for your well-being! God loves you😘

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