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A Review: The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I rarely Do Not Finish books, I always try my best to finish them no matter how bad the story is.

We chose The Host as our book club read and I would say it wasn’t one of our best reads for the year, although some person’s still loved this book.

I watched The Host when I was way younger but I never really understood the story, I was happy to read it atleast to explain the movie better.

Not my best of decisions but it’s fine you must not read perfect books all the time.

The Host is a “Science fiction” but I would say it’s a weird Romance story.. πŸ˜…

There is an invasion of the earth by hosts who implant themselves in humans. They have forced humans into hiding and the human race has gradually become extinct.

Melanie is captured and has been planted with a host who can’t seem to beat Melanie’s spirit and take over her mind completely in order to help other hosts.

The story progresses on to life with Melanie and the host, Wanderer, their relationship growth to mutual friendship, finding Melanie’s family, finding love and acceptance in the Human community.

It’s a really good story, different from the normal, but it didn’t do it for me, maybe because I’m not much of a Science fiction buff or something πŸ˜…. I usually rate my books based on how captivating the story was for me and The Host did not meet that, it was slow and a bit boring especially at the beginning.

The characters were a bit annoying, the love triangle, actually squareπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ was weird, the story was just different.

I gave it 3 stars on goodreads, you could still read it and share your opinion with me, I have seen different reviews on The Host.

I will still try out more of Stephanie’s works in the future though, I hear she has better works.

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