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Review : The Switch by Beth O’Leary

This was my first audiobook and I loved it, the orators were great, easy to understand, great speaking and all the works, if I do more audiobooks I’m sure my vocabulary will be top notch and I absolutely love British English!

I heard a lot about Beth O’Leary from the bookstagram community through her book ‘The Flatshare’ , haven’t read it but hopefully soon.

I saw The Switch on Netgalley and I decided to request for it and it certainly didn’t disappoint me.

The switch is a fun, witty read, that also deals on some sad life issues.

Leena, self sufficient, boss lady has fumbled at a presentation. She needs a break after the death of her sister, she hasn’t taken time to grieve and rest.

Her company decides to give her a paid leave which she grudgingly takes. Now what does Leena do with her life?

She has never been inactive and feels like a failure. She decides to visit her grandmum and her mum whom she has a strained relationship with.

Grandma Eileen, a recent divorcee wants to find a man and most of the men of her age are in London according to a dating application Lina registers her on to😂.

They decide to switch places to help Grandma Eileen get a man and help Leena take a break as well as bond with her mum.

What happens during this period? What do these women learn about each other? What does life throw at them?

That’s what you find out when you read this book. I really loved listening to The Switch, I believe I loved it the more because it was an audiobook.

Grandma Eileen is a force of nature despite her age and Leena takes after her in her own way. These are alpha females who are still soft, emotional and mushy inside. I love how funny, sweet as well as realistic this book is.

So many themes expressed like parenting, handling loss of loved ones, marriage and it’s merits/demerits, understanding people around you and their pains, emotions, friendship, building relationships and so on.

Eileen and Leena go through a month living each others lives and learn lessons as well as find love and  fulfillment.

A beautiful story, very funny, adorable, cool and fast read too!


I'm a Pharmacist, an avid reader, music enthusiast and a lover of all things beautiful and fun. I promote books and the art of reading!! ❤️❤️

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