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Not So Perfectly Concealed by Nky Omeka :Book Review

Hi hii! Been in a reading funk since last month, I couldn’t finish any book but I was able to finish just one. The lovely author of this book reached out and boom, reading vibes back!

If you have been following my reading journey you would know I dedicated 2020 to reading books from different genres especially African authored books and it’s been an interesting experience. I couldn’t be more proud of our African authors, they are such amazing writers and this book was a perfect dose of drama for me.

Vivian is a lawyer and the CEO of her multinational makeup brand ‘vivi’ s cosmetics ‘. Vivian is rude, proud and has all the rich entitled woman personality.

What made her who she is? She has secrets which has turned her life to what it is and we are taken through the drama that is Vivian’s life.

She is almost mobbed and raped but is saved by one she least expects to help her and a budding romance evolves.

Then her past butts in, in form of ‘Jax Tekena’.

What happens to Vivian and her budding relationship? What secrets do we uncover?

So many feelings while I wrote this review. This was a really lovely read. A Nigerian story that entails what most ladies pass through in the university.

Nky is an awesome author, I can’t wait to read all her books, she has a way of presenting suspense, she feeds it to you gradually, she makes you want to read till the end, makes you eager to find out what’s going to happen next. I literally felt every emotion and that’s when I know I have read a good book.

I really was angry while reading Vivian’s story but it is reality and that’s the worst part. Thank God these days sexual abuse by lecturers are reducing but is it gone or we just don’t hear about them?

It was the audacity for me dears, this Jax Tekena guy, I was sold on him from the start, I fell in love with him at the beginning of the book, made me ask, if I could fall for him in a book, in reality it wouldn’t be any different right?

We ladies are so used to the good life, no stress zone, good love stories, we enjoy them and that was Vivian, she was focused but wanted to live a little, see where that got her. Which begs the question, how does one trust people?

I’m so happy Vivian got her revenge(always here for the violence and drama dears😏😈)

and her happy ever after. She did it, she messed up, she learnt and she rose above all the issues.

Y’all definitely have to read Not So Perfectly Concealed and all Nky’s books. I cried, it’s been a while since I read a tear inducing book, I really needed that.

Till the next review!!

Don’t forget to read, available on Okada books and Bambooks app.


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