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A Review of Two Red Lines: The final story of the Red Lines Trilogy

First book review of the year!! 🤗🤗

This book is the best pick to commemorate this event, The red lines trilogy was my second paid review on this blog and reading these books was never a chore.

If you have followed my blog you would know how emotional this series has been for me, it’s been a crazy ride of emotions, from happiness, to love, rage, anger, numbness. I have really felt it all.

Just a recap this story is about the love triangle that exists between twin brothers Folu, Fola and the charming Bekere. The second book ended at a devastating point and now we experience the growth from hate to happily ever after. Done with the niceties dears.

Timi! Why this?! 🤯

These brothers, they did the bare minimum and I just wanted to bash their heads in every time. Thank God this is fiction but while reading I felt like these things happen in some homes, it may not take this path but it happens which is really so sad.

In this final story, we are led through the final chase and return to redemption experienced by Folu, Fola and Bekere who are at war with each other filled with so much threats and anger.

Mama Ajibade, the Queen of the hive is trying to keep her family together and will achieve this at all costs.

This book broke my heart again and again, one minute I’m fighting tears the next I’m enraged, it was really unreasonable how toxic the relationship in this book was but that is Timi’s writing for you and I absolutely loved it! Do you know how hard it is to incite these feelings from your readers? It’s a gift and I do not take it for granted.

The basis of this story, the craziness of this book stemmed from poor parenting, led to a chain of events, sibling rivalry, boy child molestation, hate, these affected the bond between these men. The thin line between family love and hate is really thin.

This is the reality of most African homes, well there have been awareness towards parenting these days and I really hope we do better.

Despite everything, I really felt these men would have been able to make better choices in life but alas it wasn’t the case and this is the reality of life, different strengths for different people, different pain and learning thresholds, no two persons are completely the same especially in thoughts and actions.

Shivers went through my body because of Folu and Fola, I felt like slapping shit out of them so much.

Let’s break things down, Fola feels he hasn’t been loved by anyone genuinely so why keep chasing after your brothers love interests, are we supposed to pity him?

Folu messed up big time and caused most of the issues and Bekere I felt her pain in the second book but she made so many poor choices in the final book, fam I was mad. Like how can you be in a pit and still dig deeper?

The lessons in this book were numerous but my major take home was family is everything, parenting too, it shapes you and the choices you make. A lot of parents are just winging it which is why I would always advice us to be fully prepared before going into this, it’s not just about the money, read books, there are a lot of resources on the net, research and learn.

Understanding between two persons who are about to be joined in holy matrimony is so important, use your heads people, be open with each other, I have seen that you can never fully know your spouse but try the best you can.

Finally you see all this poetic declarations, miss me with that, let’s talk real life situations, don’t read poems for me, life is hard already, this is my honest take.

I recently had a crazy situation where this guy kept writing poems to me, tagging me on Linkedin, like why this? Poems aren’t for everyone, turns out the young man has been doing these to a lot of girls, like a full blown stalker situation.

Not saying that poems are bad but sweet words don’t mean anything if you aren’t acting right, it’s not enough to throw around big words.

That’s all for now people.

Finally, read these series and all Timi’s works, she is a really amazing Nigerian author and I love her growth so far. You can read her works on Bambooks and Okadabooks app.

A little Quote from Two Red Lines:

“How did it go so wrong so fast?
Why couldn’t I summon up the courage to tell her when I had the chance?
If I’d told her I couldn’t be a father, I couldn’t give her what she truly desired. Would she have stayed?
Would she have loved me unconditionally?
Would our love have weathered the storm?” – Folu

See you in the next review! If you have any thoughts to share you could do so in the comment section 🤗🤗


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