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My 2021 Year Review

Quite a fast year I must say but I loved it. There were wins, losses, happy times, sad times and stress-filled moments.

Started on a happy note, after spending a whole year at home, seeking internship placement (P. S. If you want to study a health-related course pick nursing, medicine and radiography so you can japa easily).

A crazy year with extreme highs and lows, I will be recapping in sections, dive in.

Becoming a Pharmacist;

I completed my internship, next year I will be fully licensed to practice. Sadly, these days I find that I’m gradually losing zeal for this course😑 despite participating as the lead pharmacist in about 5 health outreach.

Just to remind you of my being a Pharmacist😆

I had the best year as an Intern at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, I learned what the corporate world is like especially in the government sector. Working with lazy people, hardworking people, making new friends; Mercy, Percy, Ike, Jennifer, Joy, Monica, Precious, Sotonye, Fynn, Unique, Shalom, ThankGod, Ellis and a host of others. Quarrelled, made up, got stressed with getting to and from work ‘cos Port-Harcourt transport system is the ghetto( You should listen to my podcast where I rant/talk about this and my previous blog post), combining house chores with work and a host of crazy experiences.

Regardless I learnt and I experienced life.

The Readers Hut…

The community grew across social media platforms. It’s been 2 years of blogging and hosting the book club and this brand will be 3 years old by February 1.

My book club members frustrated me a lot with lack of participation, in all, it was an exciting year for us. We read 19 books, bonded these last days of the year, had our first virtual meeting/party, played games and generally had a good time. In all we had supportive members too; Tim, Ruth, Favour, Adams, Chinwendu, Chimaobi and a host of amazing people who chipped in new ideas and made the year beautiful. Here’s hoping we do more next year.

I finally started book sales in October, been a long time coming, still growing and improving but the support has been amazing. Don’t forget to refer or buy from me next year🤩, scan through my catalogue you might see something you like.😊

I participated in a Twitter contest for small businesses where we were to submit videos stating what we would need 100,000 NGN for and my video was picked 🥳, a big win for my business as funding is so hard to come by.

We had beautiful book club discussions too, just to inform you, my book club members are so smart, intelligent and beautiful!

The beautiful messages from my book club members this season, makes me feel so good, loved and fulfilled. Next year we are going harder and better, cheers to growth🥂

Family and Friendships…

My family will always be the same, I’m grateful for them, despite how much they make me complain, I have this love-angry relationship with them. I can’t wait to make the money I deserve so I can spoil everyone, contribute maximally and move out😙😏. Love you The Nwaeke’s! ❤️

For my friends, I’m grateful for everyone, from allowing me to rant/listening to me, to being present, to buying me gifts; my birthday was beautiful despite the mixed feelings then, to the constant encouragements, for being you, Thank you, I love you and I miss my friends so much!

Distance/Life is so annoying 😑

I may have also found love too but who knows let’s see what 2022 has in store… 😌

I had friends who were critically ill and they survived(Senny and Percy, we are thankful to every one of you who made this possible), my friends lost parents too and I can’t explain how sad I was, we cried a lot this year, but time will heal pains. Love you my baby girls (Rita, Endy, Chisom and Evelyn)

I had fun times with friends, Kasarachi, Chisom, Alex, Richard, Shola, Jennifer, Irene and I attended a get together with my secondary school classmates😍, I also made new friends🥰.  For those who didn’t take me out this year,  Apollos, Solomon and Co. 🙄, fix up loves.

My friends lost a lot and are still losing breaks my heart so much, some won a lot too and this makes me so proud; from Chimdi working on our Haircare brand, to Debby getting a job with She Leads Africa, Shola getting into an acting school, my girls getting good jobs and so many other wins. Makes me extremely happy🤗

Friends and acquaintances got married!! My goodness, it’s like a bell was rung or something, Y’all should let us know what’s up please😂. Congratulations to my beautiful people who found their lovers this year, Rita, Thelma, Christy and Christy😂😂, Immaculata(yours is coming though), Egwuchi, Queeneth( I had fun on your day😍), for we singletons we go again next year😌.

And Finally, Me…

I lived, I laughed, I cried(alot), I had fun, I made good and bad choices, I loved my friends openly and intentionally, I made an impact in my community.

I  plan for the new year with my best babes Chimdi and Debby. We have been extremely busy this year, regardless, I met some of my goals for the year and despite me looking down on myself sometimes for not doing much I’m doing my best and I’m grateful for the little wins.

I read 38 books this year, the smallest number I have read in a year, adulting kicked my ass but that’s fine. You can view the list of books I read on good reads and the list of to be bought books for next year In Jesus Name.

In all, I had a pretty sweet and amazing year! I’m hopeful for the new year although 2022 is filled with uncertainties with going for NYSC (I will drop deets on it so be prepared😉), being currently unemployed and thinking/praying and planning concerning my future.

Cheers to the new year and may I be the first to wish you, HAPPY NEW YEAR 🥳🥰 Bye!!

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Wake up call by Nky Omeka

I’m back with another beautiful book for you 😍😍 I’m on a roll this month, finished my fourth read of the month, drum rolls!!

Now to Wake up call by Nky Omeka, this is the most annoying book I have read this year. 😒 I liked it!

I always say books that hold your interest and bring out varying reactions from start to finish are the best ones.

This story is of a young lady, Elohor, an athlete, aiming to be the Athletic Champion for Nigeria or not. Elohor loves her family but has been given a difficult height to attain. In addition, Odafe, the son of a wealthy man, wants Elohor but she doesn’t, he is a pompous, rude and overbearing man but her family wants him for her.

In a bid to let go off her struggles she meets Ifeanyi again after series of events, a young non-graduate, spoilt who depends on his elder brother for everything. A love so strong but naive grows but are they meant to be with each other?

Elohor’s family aren’t happy with her choices, Elohor feels her family is selfish, life happens and Elohor learns that life has a lot in store for her. “Love is only one of the many reasons to be happy” , indeed a wake up call.

I loved Elohor but she was extremely foolish, the Nigerian Aunty in me wanted to help her set her head straight, cos what was this?

Her family was also very selfish and they never tried to understand. This family wasn’t your typical Nigerian family, Elohor got away with a lot of things that I could never try in my home. I mean who brings their boy friend to their family home and makes out in the parlour or accepts marriage proposal from a man who hasn’t met your family the Nigerian way, my parents would show you pepper.😂😂

To the men, none of them deserved her. Nky did us dirty😂😂, this was a case of choosing the lesser evil but in the end love wins, corrects and teaches.

This was a really calm read as always. Looking for a book to engage your mind, looking for a leisure read with annoying characters whom you would eventually come to love, this book is for you.

To get a hold of a copy, visit Bambooks or Okadabooks (Titled Lovers on Okadabooks) . Don’t forget to tag us on twitter or Instagram when you wish to share your thoughts after reading this book!

Follow Nky Omeka on Instagram and see what she is up to! She really is a pro at writing beautiful stories.


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The Blessed Girl by Angela Makholwa: A Review

With settings and author South African, The blessed girl is my first South African read and it was an awesome book. A chick-lit, breezy but heavily themed book, a different tone from the usual chick lits and an engaging read.

We are introduced to the lead character, Bontle.The beginning pages were quite boring, I was getting exasperated with, Bontle. Bontle is a nut case and a ‘blessed girl’; these are ladies who live a luxurious lifestyle sponsored by men especially ones they sleep with, the men are called ‘blessers’.

I can see you already judging her 😂, yeah did that too, but as the story came along I had to remove every judgemental thought and enjoy the story.

Bontle’s life is a crazy one, the story is written like a letter to the reader, where she narrates how amazing life has been for her or not.

Bontle comes from the slum, her mum runs a bar and she has decided to live a life filled with glamorous things money can buy but is she really satisfied and what exactly is she hoping to achieve in life? We are taken through her life as a businesswoman, a contractor, her bougie life and managing four men ‘blessers’.

Bontle is a selfish, conniving bitch who isn’t ashamed of the heights she can attain to get what she wants, you will judge her definitely, I mean we are humans and who wouldn’t, she did the most while being married.

We meet everyone who influences Bontle’s life, Golokile, ‘her brother’, her mum, her husband, Ntokozo, her friends Iris and Tsholo. What happens when she meets Iris’s blesser, Mr Emmanuel?

Told as a story from a tabloid you would uncover Bontle’s layers, experience her life and understand why she made her choices. A lot of lessons to be learnt, two which stuck the most were how we shouldn’t always judge people without understanding their situation and the effect of blessers to the young mind. Apparently, in South Africa, there was an upsurge of men ‘blessers’ who were enticing the young girls and abandoning them with different problems.

I loved how at the end, Bontle gets her life a bit sorted out and every situation in her life comes full circle. The author Angela has a way with words, I loved the infusion of South African names, exclamations and how fun it was to read this book.

Despite being a light read, this book touches on a lot of strong themes. From depression, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, sex trafficking to parenting, patriarchy and so on.

Bontle is a gorgeous, intelligent, smart woman, who lives a rich, fast life, from body enhancements to living in high rise buildings, dinners, juggling blessers to experiencing the reality of life. You would love it.

This was the book clubs read of may and we loved it, Bontle made everyone crazy but in the end, we loved her, well some of us😂😂, you would too. To get a copy, you can place an order at Roving Heights or Bookmarket NG.

Till the next post! Don’t forget to tag me when you read any book posted on the blog so we can discuss it!

I will be attending a book reading of A broken people’s playlist by Chimeka Garricks and here’s hoping it would be an exciting one, a blog post on the book will be up soon! Bye!!