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I was a teen rockstar by A. H. Mohammed

First book review in 2022😂😂

2022 has been that year. I’m sorry for not dropping reviews of the beautiful 33 books I have read this year. I hope to put out a summary of my best 10 or 15 by the end of the year.

I’m here with an exciting review of A. H. Mohammed’s latest work, the author of Last days at forcados high. I put up a review of his former work on the blog and to date, it has received so much traction.

I was a teen rockstar just as The last days at forcados high is a warm, quick read with lessons for everyone.

In this book, we meet Lanre. Lanre doesn’t like school, he never seems to get his assignments or lessons right. Lives in a dismal condition with his aunt as his mum relocated from the country.

We are taken through Lanres’ life from a state of despair to finding and building talent and love for music through the help of his uncle.

Lanre runs away from home and meets up with a wannabe talent finder, Malik, who helps Lanre become famous. He and KD, a female singer, set out as an amazing duo singing group. They get the gigs, sign contracts and are living the life.

Has Lanre overcome his fears and won at life as a rockstar?

We get to find out in this book for young readers. Lanre is naive, has not had proper home training and had to learn to be an adult at an early age.

He goes through a series of learning curves and some take-home lessons are:

1. Never depend solely on people especially if they aren’t family. Build proper and dependable relationships.

2. Be smart, never be gullible and if you are learn to overcome it.

3. No matter what height you attain, education of any sort is very crucial.

4. Good parenting will always be an essential part of childhood and development.

5. Hone your talents and passions or develop skills, it may save you in future.

6. Finally, we should educate kids on finance early.

This was a good read and I’m thankful to the author and publishers (Bard and Ink Publishing) for sending a review copy across. You can get copies of this book from Roving Heights on Instagram.

I just completed reading the book Into the darkest corner by Elizabeth Haynes and I think I’m gradually delving back into my thriller fanaticism phase. I’m currently reading Welcome to Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo and here’s hoping it’s a good one.

Till next time Readers!

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Wake up call by Nky Omeka

I’m back with another beautiful book for you 😍😍 I’m on a roll this month, finished my fourth read of the month, drum rolls!!

Now to Wake up call by Nky Omeka, this is the most annoying book I have read this year. 😒 I liked it!

I always say books that hold your interest and bring out varying reactions from start to finish are the best ones.

This story is of a young lady, Elohor, an athlete, aiming to be the Athletic Champion for Nigeria or not. Elohor loves her family but has been given a difficult height to attain. In addition, Odafe, the son of a wealthy man, wants Elohor but she doesn’t, he is a pompous, rude and overbearing man but her family wants him for her.

In a bid to let go off her struggles she meets Ifeanyi again after series of events, a young non-graduate, spoilt who depends on his elder brother for everything. A love so strong but naive grows but are they meant to be with each other?

Elohor’s family aren’t happy with her choices, Elohor feels her family is selfish, life happens and Elohor learns that life has a lot in store for her. “Love is only one of the many reasons to be happy” , indeed a wake up call.

I loved Elohor but she was extremely foolish, the Nigerian Aunty in me wanted to help her set her head straight, cos what was this?

Her family was also very selfish and they never tried to understand. This family wasn’t your typical Nigerian family, Elohor got away with a lot of things that I could never try in my home. I mean who brings their boy friend to their family home and makes out in the parlour or accepts marriage proposal from a man who hasn’t met your family the Nigerian way, my parents would show you pepper.😂😂

To the men, none of them deserved her. Nky did us dirty😂😂, this was a case of choosing the lesser evil but in the end love wins, corrects and teaches.

This was a really calm read as always. Looking for a book to engage your mind, looking for a leisure read with annoying characters whom you would eventually come to love, this book is for you.

To get a hold of a copy, visit Bambooks or Okadabooks (Titled Lovers on Okadabooks) . Don’t forget to tag us on twitter or Instagram when you wish to share your thoughts after reading this book!

Follow Nky Omeka on Instagram and see what she is up to! She really is a pro at writing beautiful stories.


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A Crack in Everything by L. H. Cosway

Book 71 of 2020!!🤩🤩

I have a goal of reading 150 books this year and I really hope I can do it. I have had an exiting reading year so far, initially I wanted to read the perfect books😏 but now I’m going with what catches my fancy.

I recently discovered L. H. Cosway this year and I certainly loved this book.

A crack in everything is the first installment of a two-part series. A young adult read with a slow burn romance evolving between the characters. I loved it!

Dylan, intelligent, self-destructive, moody/gloomy personality with a flair for science and Evelyn with her cheerful and go lucky personality, a really beautiful couple to read about.

I also loved the gay perspective, Shane and Sam, weird but nice to read.

Dylan hates their hometown, while Evelyn is comfortable with her situation till horror strikes, a real sad end to an amazing love story.

It continues in How the Light Gets In, and we meet Dylan and Evelyn as mature adults, this is a very brief review but I certainly loved this story.

Question of the day: Is it alright to settle in life even though you aren’t extremely rich? Like all these hustle in life is it worth the stress?

“It matters to me. I want more for you.” I shook my head, exasperated. “Why?” “Because . . .” He paused, turmoil in his expression. A long silence elapsed, and a kaleidoscope of thoughts passed over his face, like cars going different directions on a motorway. “Because I can only see my dreams clearly when I look through you first.” My insides blared on loudspeaker, while my voice was barely a whisper. “I don’t understand.” Dylan gave a sad laugh. “I just feel like any achievements are pointless unless I have you by my side.”


I’m such a hopeless romantic😂😂, bye!! See you next time!!

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