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Book Review:The Last Days At Forcados High by A. H. Mohammed

I got this book from my siblings, heard they read it in preparation for an exam JAMB -Joint Admissions Matriculation Board, an exam in Nigeria which enables you to get admission into a higher institution.

This was a really great read, short finished it in one day, but interesting and filled with a lot of lessons. The writers style was fluid and I really loved it. I actually wanted more.

Jimi is a bright student, athlete, all round perfect kid. In his finals at his secondary school, Forcados High, we are taken through his ordeals as a finalist. His life has been perfect until now, he sees all that glitters ain’t gold.

From his senior brothers crazy lifestyle, to his dad’s stifled relationship with his family, to his mums health problems. Life deals him a heavy blow and at the end he has to learn how to survive and be better.

I loved this book, I could relate completely to some of the characters, from having friends who I felt were better than myself, to being an outcast as a student due to certain acts I supposedly committed or crimes against me.

I also loved how the author expressed some strong themes in form of advices/lessons to the young mind; rape, love, family, health conditions like asthma, cancer, the girl child and her travails, and so many others.

A totally great read for the young minds, you should definitely read this as well as give a child today.

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Review of Deadly Past by Katie Reus

Happy Publication Day to Deadly Past by Katie Reus!

I love romance stories, and anyone mixed with suspense is always a winner for me. Deadly Past by Katie Reus was a cool read, albeit a cliche but a good read.

It tells of Lincoln, a sheriff and Autumn an artist, art teacher too with a past that has put her into hiding. She meets her awesome hot neighbour, the everloving Sheriff and has to fight her attraction in order to maintain her non-descript lifestyle.

A series of events occur and she is exposed unknown to her, her attraction to the sheriff progresses and she gives into an unforgettable one night stand with consequences.

Autumn is in danger and has to learn how to trust again and accept love in her life.

This was a fast, nice story, it wasn’t much of my taste though, the suspense wasn’t it for me.

It’s a great read but I have sampled a lot of awesome Romantic suspense books, the romance was rushed and I didn’t fancy her writing style.

A great book though for those who haven’t read widely. I gave it a 3.5 star rating. Order on Kindle, Nook, Apple or Kobo to get your copy, have fun reading!!

Not been up to reading, reviewing or doing anything these days, my country is in a mess, we are fighting for a greater good but it’s so clear the leaders do not want the good of this country, it is now so clear what we have been seeing for a long time, our country is broken due to poor leadership and greedy leaders.

All we have been asking for is just the right to exist, to live at least, you have been oppressing us we have been surviving regardless we aren’t even allowed a basic human need. I feel so bad today but I pray things get better for us😔🇳🇬

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Book Review: One Night with a Duke by Erica Ridley

One night with a Duke by ⁣⁣ Erica Ridley was published on 9th October, 2020. Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with this ARC.

Due to the protests in Nigeria I couldn’t get to post this😔, the days have been crazy in my country, it’s sad that we do not have leaders who care. Here’s hoping things get better for this country.

I’m finally putting out my thoughts and you would certainly love this book😍! ⁣⁣


I really love historical fictions especially ones with a Scottish prescence. I would really love to visit Scotland as live goes on.

Jonathan and Angelica’s love story is a beautiful one, no author can go wrong for me when writing Historical Romance, I really love Historical Romance!


Jonathan is a traveller and investor who never visits one place twice, he has no home, a go lucky fun guy seeking his next best adventure. ⁣⁣

Angelica is a black jeweller who has become somewhat of a recluse in her bid to become the most successful jeweller of the Christmas Village, Cressmouth.

⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Jonathan is at Cressmouth to pitch his work to the Duke, he doesn’t like Christmas through no fault of his as he comes to realise, he stumbles into Angelicas jewellery shop and we view the beautiful love story between this two and how love makes them complete each others goals and grow.

⁣⁣ ⁣I loved this story, a quick, light read with fun, captivating characters, I loved Angelica’s strength and resilience and I loved Jonathan’s nature . This story was a bit rushed but in all a cool read.

You should read this if you love Interracial romance, stories with no sex scenes, light, fun, stories and if you are a lover of Historical Fiction!

Some of my fave quotes:

The question you’re asking happens to be my particular expertise. Someone investing in you doesn’t mean you have less worth, but more. It means faith. You should believe in yourself, too.”

That was the best part about not having a home, Jonathan decided. One never had to confront one’s loneliness”

Till next time!