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Do Better!

The past two weeks have been crazy, first we heard of George Floyd’s death in the United States, while in Nigeria, Tina, was killed by a stray bullet fired by a police, and Uwa, a twenty-two year old female was raped and killed in the church where she went to read, a freaking Church! This is really the height of disrespect!

All social media platforms are agog with people screaming, shouting, talking and sharing their experiences. 2020 has really been that year and let’s not forget the growing number of Corona Virus cases in Nigeria, but in spite of these, I’M CHOOSING TO STAY POSITIVE!

The girl child has gone through a lot of stress, we are expected to be a lot of things, a mother, a good girlfriend, supportive, peace maker, cook, perfect but we aren’t even allowed to be safe in the world.

We as citizens in the world can’t move about, freely, because we may be shot at or held by the police at some point which may eventually lead to death.

I’m not the most positive of persons , but I’m choosing to be positive, to walk this path and pray that the world will be better and I hope you do so to.

To all who have been affected by rape, female or male, I’m so sorry, so sorry for the lawless lives we live, for our loveless and heartless society.To all who have lost their loved ones to racism, or who have experienced racism at some point in their lives, I’m so sorry and I pray for strength for everyone.

You know what all these has taught me, the society is LOVELESS!! We hate each other, we envy one another and its so sad.

Here’s a song that fully expressed my feelings towards these issues, you could check it out, you will certainly love it!

I’m tired of the strife in my country Nigeria, it’s just stressful living here sometimes, but I also don’t want to lose hope because I know we can do better.

It’s not enough to write lengthy posts on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, it’s not enough to quarrel and try to find out who is at fault for all the things happening in the world, it’s time for us to be better, to do better, the change we seek tomorrow starts with YOU!

We can only do so much in our little ways but let it count. Let LOVE lead people, let’s be the change we seek.

We keep saying ‘Rapists’ and ‘Racists’, who are these ‘Rapists’? Who are these ‘Racists’?

It’s you who who touches one without permission, you who doesn’t respect boundaries and personal space, you who doesn’t respect people’s choices and opinions especially towards their body, it’s you who support your friends to commit ill-fated acts against people. It’s you who doesn’t respect the skin colour and people whom God has created to live in this world, you have no right to harm another human.

When you bear your kids, teach them to love, to embrace and respect people regardless of their gender, race and tribe.


Don’t forget to check this song:

Time Magazine recently made a publication on how books on racism have been selling out because of the increased awareness this season to racism, and I will say this is an interesting development!! ⁣

⁣ To increase your education on racism as well as help combat this vice, here’s a book for you:⁣ ⁣

🔮So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

Have fun!! Bye till next time, stay safe, stay positive!


I'm a Pharmacist, an avid reader, music enthusiast and a lover of all things beautiful and fun. I promote books and the art of reading!! ❤️❤️

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