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Not So Perfectly Concealed by Nky Omeka :Book Review

Hi hii! Been in a reading funk since last month, I couldn’t finish any book but I was able to finish just one. The lovely author of this book reached out and boom, reading vibes back!

If you have been following my reading journey you would know I dedicated 2020 to reading books from different genres especially African authored books and it’s been an interesting experience. I couldn’t be more proud of our African authors, they are such amazing writers and this book was a perfect dose of drama for me.

Vivian is a lawyer and the CEO of her multinational makeup brand ‘vivi’ s cosmetics ‘. Vivian is rude, proud and has all the rich entitled woman personality.

What made her who she is? She has secrets which has turned her life to what it is and we are taken through the drama that is Vivian’s life.

She is almost mobbed and raped but is saved by one she least expects to help her and a budding romance evolves.

Then her past butts in, in form of ‘Jax Tekena’.

What happens to Vivian and her budding relationship? What secrets do we uncover?

So many feelings while I wrote this review. This was a really lovely read. A Nigerian story that entails what most ladies pass through in the university.

Nky is an awesome author, I can’t wait to read all her books, she has a way of presenting suspense, she feeds it to you gradually, she makes you want to read till the end, makes you eager to find out what’s going to happen next. I literally felt every emotion and that’s when I know I have read a good book.

I really was angry while reading Vivian’s story but it is reality and that’s the worst part. Thank God these days sexual abuse by lecturers are reducing but is it gone or we just don’t hear about them?

It was the audacity for me dears, this Jax Tekena guy, I was sold on him from the start, I fell in love with him at the beginning of the book, made me ask, if I could fall for him in a book, in reality it wouldn’t be any different right?

We ladies are so used to the good life, no stress zone, good love stories, we enjoy them and that was Vivian, she was focused but wanted to live a little, see where that got her. Which begs the question, how does one trust people?

I’m so happy Vivian got her revenge(always here for the violence and drama dears😏😈)

and her happy ever after. She did it, she messed up, she learnt and she rose above all the issues.

Y’all definitely have to read Not So Perfectly Concealed and all Nky’s books. I cried, it’s been a while since I read a tear inducing book, I really needed that.

Till the next review!!

Don’t forget to read, available on Okada books and Bambooks app.

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Book Review: Vaults Of Secrets by Olukorede S. Yishau

This was my review submission for the review challenge and fam this is the longest review I have ever written 😩😩please I’m putting it here for you all to read.

This was my first ever pre-ordered copy and I’m proud of myself my library is gradually being built 😁😁.

I was attracted by the name, book cover and the competition, I felt it would be a win-win situation for me. This year the goal is to read across different genres and this was a lovely addition.

Vaults of Secrets is a compilation of ten stories based on secrets as the name implies. This was a really great read albeit filled with sad stories, funny too and filled with sarcasm.

Books come to you at different times and most times they fit your current situation, that was my experience reading Vaults of Secrets.

Olukorede released this book on First of October, 2020, Nigeria’s Independence Day and the significance is glaring.

In October 2020,the youths of Nigeria decided to say no to one vice of the government, despite its numerous vices, the penchant of killing of unarmed youths by men of a unit, The Special Anti-Robbery Squad, and this was when I read this book, it couldn’t have come at a better time showing me that for the past Sixty years Nigeria hasn’t established any growth. The vices eating deep have been there since forever.

This is supposed to be a bland review because to be frank the stories were sad but they were extremely realistic.

I would describe this book as a satirical political book, the undertones of politics and the state of Nigeria were present. The stories are based on secrets and it cuts across different themes. This book has its premise on Nigeria although most of the issues seen here are seen in almost every country. I would also say this stories here strongly represent Nigeria and its citizens. The lies, the secrets and all its repercussions.

Photo Credit: Me😁😁!!

Vaults of Secrets makes you reflect on secrets, makes us ask why we even keep them and if you are such a plain book do you have a right to criticise another’s secrets?

The first story, ‘Till We Meet To Part No More’ showed me that everyone lies, everyone has secrets. There is this saying that ‘Na who dem catch we go talk about’, goes to show that we are in no place to judge people’s decisions or mistakes, what will we find when we check your secret chambers?

Let’s use the example of the Big Brother Naija show which concluded recently, imagine if your life was as open as the show, what would we see in your closet? One of the housemates was bashed because her true nature was seen, but I wondered, so many persons act the way she did except most times they can hide it in public.

‘This Special Gift’ was hilarious, how can one have a gift of finding out people’s secrets unconsciously, like it’s her gift. I wouldn’t want that gift it’s too burdensome.

A major theme here was religion, in Nigeria we have taken religion to extreme heights. We discriminate, we hate each other. Christians do not support other Christians if they aren’t from the same church, while for those in the same church, we still see those who form cliques, gossip, backbite and hate on one another, refuting the essence of God bidding us to seek his face. The Muslims too have their issues. How would one seek God if when you attend church service you are judged?

I didn’t like that a man committed a crime, was caught and what he was more conscious of was his standing in church, what church members would say. What about God, your wife, kids? Misplaced priorities has always been a common problem.

Culture came in to play too, male children being the ideal gifts from God while females are just extras. It’s funny because without women how would you bear your beloved sons? And how does a woman having sons for you justify you cheating on one who doesn’t and is your legal wife? So hilarious. Then we see the devil blamed in every situation. I’m a Christian but let’s check this, God gave. us the power to choose, before you make a decision you are allowed to choose from two different outcomes, so why do we not make the right choice? The devil is who we all blame when we do something wrong. It’s actually very funny but sad.

‘My Mother’s Father is my Father’ was a bit sad. That feeling of wanting questions answered can make one think and make weird deductions.

‘Letters from the Basement’ made me ponder on terrorism. Nelson in the story was arrested for terrorism but for him he was helping his country. When we see the wrongs in our country do we keep quiet or challenge the government to do better? Let’s look at the #EndSARS protest, a front liner during the protests has been prevented from travelling and her international passport seized on the grounds of investigations to be conducted. It doesn’t make any sense. Different scenarios but seeking the same outcome, a better country, is it so much to ask?

We see the religious fanatics in this story, “pay this amount to get your problem solved.” No dear, God doesn’t need you to pay special fees to his anointed for your problems to be solved. This has been in existence over time and people still haven’t learnt, funny but sad.

My best story was ‘This Thing Called Love’, in a weird way. Keeping secrets brought about a good reward for the secret keeper compared to the other stories. It still begs the question: Keeping some secrets make one lie, should we do this then? Should we actually keep secrets?

This story is a depiction of Nigeria and its citizens, keeping a secret today can grant you a reward later in life but what’s to say it won’t bite you later? Questions, questions, questions.

‘Better than the devil’ , a very catchy name, which definitely describes the young man in this story. It was the audacity for me, how one can justify killing with, ‘God said we should obey’ , when he knew the killing was for a wrong cause.

It made me ask, what would happen to all government officials and law enforcement officers who are given orders to kill both in just and unjust cases? This story spoke to me a lot because I read it during the #EndSARS campaign. The current President of Nigeria, Buhari was given a spot in this book where he was fighting for the country but now a lot of persons want to be saved from him, an interesting turn of events.

‘Otapiapia’ was sad because it’s all fun and games, excuses too, when we decide to live life recklessly, the repercussions may be too much to bear. Society too doesn’t support persons and a lot of persons are stuck on what society perceives about them, which is a leading cause of depression, suicide and so many linking issues.

‘When truth dies’ was a bit bland, sad too, and as the stories have been, talked extensively on election issues in Nigeria and how the Nigerian system has been a failure.

‘Lydia’s World’ was a mess, showing the deplorable state of the Nigerian health sector. Reminded me of a story my mum told me some weeks back, how babies were stolen from the maternity ward when she gave birth to me and how some nurses mixed up babies. That is really an issue.

This was a long review but in its entirety, Vaults of Secrets is really a great book and you should read it.

You can get yours by sending a message to me or get it from Amazon or any book shops around you!

Dont forget to share this blog with a friend! I would love to hear your thoughts on Nigeria.

What are your thoughts about Nigeria and its economy? Do you think this Nation can get better? Till next time!

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Waiting on Two Red Lines: Red Lines (Book 2) by Timi Waters

I was reflecting on the title of book 2 and yes I see what you did there Timi! 😂

I really procrastinated in October, no zeal to read, no zeal to do anything that interests me, I took the #EndSARS protest to heart, hopefully November will be a better month!

I was finally able to finish Waiting on Two Red Lines, I don’t know how to express my feelings, I had to rant a bit to the author, Timi. I was angry at the end of this book, that was my strongest emotion.

Let’s start from the beginning, the first book in this series ends where secrets about Folu are exposed to Bekere. The first book was a retelling/recall by Bekere of her past year before marrying Folu.

In Book 2 the story continues to the present, Folu has successfully married Bekere through diabolical means she isn’t aware of and is territorial about her and dominates her in a bid to get her away from his twin Fola.

Fola is out to end the marriage between Folu and Bekere because he feels Bekere was stolen from him by Folu and as the elder brother Folu has insulted his ego. Fola is out for revenge, he is coming for Folu through every angle, business, marriage, secrets too.

Bekere is going through a rot after Folus’ secrets have been exposed. Folu feels he is losing her and decides to spoil her as always, they come back to reality and he realises money can’t solve every problem.

That’s it, now let me rant! It’s the audacity for me fam!

This brothers are so annoying, I felt like bashing their heads so many time, like how much can you play with a girls feelings! This book will make a good movie, I’m really here for the drama!

Crazy stuff people! Fola’s plans have been playing out smoothly and a crazy drama unfolds at the end, my heart splintered when reading the end of this book.

Bekere is a good woman but every good woman has a breaking point and she certainly broke, she didn’t deserve all the crazies.

This book was dragging at some point, so much information but it helped build the story. I was so annoyed at different turns, frustrated, angry at Bekere, I felt she was extremely naive.

I hope you read this book to experience all I did. Timi is really evolving in her writing and it’s great to see!

Themes expressed here were MARRIAGE! 🙄I don’t think we can fully express Marriage in books. Major lessons from this book on marriage:

1. Do not lie to your partners, tell your partners all about you before marriage, allow them to make a choice. It’s better because breaking off marriages even though common now, ain’t the best.

2. Do not allow external members into your marriage, it’s between you two, keep it so.

3. Do not allow jealousy, trust your spouse, I mean why say I love you if you don’t trust?

Secondly; Health. Timi did a great work here, she researched and presented a clinical condition to help educate people, very brilliant. I would be looking up the conditions, as a health professional, I would certainly love to know more.

This was a really good read, light sex scenes, suspense great for an African/Nigerian story, waiting patiently for the third book.

You should definitely read this book, it’s available on Amazon and Okada books!

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Review : The Switch by Beth O’Leary

This was my first audiobook and I loved it, the orators were great, easy to understand, great speaking and all the works, if I do more audiobooks I’m sure my vocabulary will be top notch and I absolutely love British English!

I heard a lot about Beth O’Leary from the bookstagram community through her book ‘The Flatshare’ , haven’t read it but hopefully soon.

I saw The Switch on Netgalley and I decided to request for it and it certainly didn’t disappoint me.

The switch is a fun, witty read, that also deals on some sad life issues.

Leena, self sufficient, boss lady has fumbled at a presentation. She needs a break after the death of her sister, she hasn’t taken time to grieve and rest.

Her company decides to give her a paid leave which she grudgingly takes. Now what does Leena do with her life?

She has never been inactive and feels like a failure. She decides to visit her grandmum and her mum whom she has a strained relationship with.

Grandma Eileen, a recent divorcee wants to find a man and most of the men of her age are in London according to a dating application Lina registers her on to😂.

They decide to switch places to help Grandma Eileen get a man and help Leena take a break as well as bond with her mum.

What happens during this period? What do these women learn about each other? What does life throw at them?

That’s what you find out when you read this book. I really loved listening to The Switch, I believe I loved it the more because it was an audiobook.

Grandma Eileen is a force of nature despite her age and Leena takes after her in her own way. These are alpha females who are still soft, emotional and mushy inside. I love how funny, sweet as well as realistic this book is.

So many themes expressed like parenting, handling loss of loved ones, marriage and it’s merits/demerits, understanding people around you and their pains, emotions, friendship, building relationships and so on.

Eileen and Leena go through a month living each others lives and learn lessons as well as find love and  fulfillment.

A beautiful story, very funny, adorable, cool and fast read too!