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Waiting on Two Red Lines: Red Lines (Book 2) by Timi Waters

I was reflecting on the title of book 2 and yes I see what you did there Timi! πŸ˜‚

I really procrastinated in October, no zeal to read, no zeal to do anything that interests me, I took the #EndSARS protest to heart, hopefully November will be a better month!

I was finally able to finish Waiting on Two Red Lines, I don’t know how to express my feelings, I had to rant a bit to the author, Timi. I was angry at the end of this book, that was my strongest emotion.

Let’s start from the beginning, the first book in this series ends where secrets about Folu are exposed to Bekere. The first book was a retelling/recall by Bekere of her past year before marrying Folu.

In Book 2 the story continues to the present, Folu has successfully married Bekere through diabolical means she isn’t aware of and is territorial about her and dominates her in a bid to get her away from his twin Fola.

Fola is out to end the marriage between Folu and Bekere because he feels Bekere was stolen from him by Folu and as the elder brother Folu has insulted his ego. Fola is out for revenge, he is coming for Folu through every angle, business, marriage, secrets too.

Bekere is going through a rot after Folus’ secrets have been exposed. Folu feels he is losing her and decides to spoil her as always, they come back to reality and he realises money can’t solve every problem.

That’s it, now let me rant! It’s the audacity for me fam!

This brothers are so annoying, I felt like bashing their heads so many time, like how much can you play with a girls feelings! This book will make a good movie, I’m really here for the drama!

Crazy stuff people! Fola’s plans have been playing out smoothly and a crazy drama unfolds at the end, my heart splintered when reading the end of this book.

Bekere is a good woman but every good woman has a breaking point and she certainly broke, she didn’t deserve all the crazies.

This book was dragging at some point, so much information but it helped build the story. I was so annoyed at different turns, frustrated, angry at Bekere, I felt she was extremely naive.

I hope you read this book to experience all I did. Timi is really evolving in her writing and it’s great to see!

Themes expressed here were MARRIAGE! πŸ™„I don’t think we can fully express Marriage in books. Major lessons from this book on marriage:

1. Do not lie to your partners, tell your partners all about you before marriage, allow them to make a choice. It’s better because breaking off marriages even though common now, ain’t the best.

2. Do not allow external members into your marriage, it’s between you two, keep it so.

3. Do not allow jealousy, trust your spouse, I mean why say I love you if you don’t trust?

Secondly; Health. Timi did a great work here, she researched and presented a clinical condition to help educate people, very brilliant. I would be looking up the conditions, as a health professional, I would certainly love to know more.

This was a really good read, light sex scenes, suspense great for an African/Nigerian story, waiting patiently for the third book.

You should definitely read this book, it’s available on Amazon and Okada books!


I'm a Pharmacist, an avid reader, music enthusiast and a lover of all things beautiful and fun. I promote books and the art of reading!! ❀️❀️

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