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Nigerians: Architects of our own misfortune or not?

Whoop! Whoop! A new blog post, consistency people! This is an area I always battle with. How have we been? Oh! Happy Easter Celebration!!

Send dollz to your family people, I’m your family too😌😌

Let’s talk about something that keeps bugging me, the nature and character of a Nigerian.

Nigerians are really beautiful, blessed and amazing people, but we keep getting things wrong in our homeland. Right from our leaders who are eternally corrupt to our citizens, I feel we are in a tight fix. We cause a lot of problems for ourselves which is sad but this is our reality.

I think it’s basic human nature to be disobedient, non law abiding and troublesome at times but Nigerians somehow have it in spades and I know we can do better.

Two weeks ago was a very rainy period in the beautiful city of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. When these happen we see flooded roads, increased traffic and lack of transportation, I have never really understood why.

On this rainy morning, I was standing on the pedestrian walkway with some students and workers waiting for transport vehicles, when this white hilux with two lawyers decides to cut across traffic by driving over the pedestrian walkway. The roads were flooded and the water splashed over we the pedestrians. Thanks people, thank you for giving us a second bath, as the one we had before leaving our homes wasn’t enough.

Can I use a curse word? 😒 I mean how insensitive can we be, they didn’t apologise, it was like nothing happened. The irony in this scenario is that the car passengers were lawyers😂😂, these are supposed to be people who uphold law and orderliness in the society, right?

Actions bring reactions, it is these cases and more that make people invite the police to help intervene in issues, I don’t subscribe to police invitations but there are times you just can’t help it.

I see a lot of debates on twitter concerning why Nigerians shouldn’t be held responsible for some of the things we do, last week it was ongoing and some persons were like we should blame the corrupt leaders and I’m wholly in support of that but regardless we should play our part to be good people. We can’t all be perfect, but try to be good.

There is this law enforcement agency set up by Governor Wike in Port-Harcourt, Road Taskforce, they are quite a raggedy bunch, rough and sometimes corrupt people but fam I really wished they caught those lawyers 😏, I mean let’s reap the reward of our actions right? Well they wouldn’t, because they can as well pay their way out of it. Welcome to Nigeria!

We are blessed, very intelligent citizens, we deserve a working system, we really do but let’s try to develop one from our little corners. That’s all for today, my Easter gift to you all is to Be Good People!

I finally finished The girl with the louding voice by Abi Dare and my review would be up next weekend.

I will be rounding up Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi and picking up A Broken People’s Playlist by Chimeka Garricks soon, I really can’t wait, a friend read it and said He was all up in his feelings after reading it🥺

Till next time! If you have thoughts to share, the comment section is waiting for you😁

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