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To serve Nigeria or not?

I haven’t written a blog post since January 😳, that’s unbecoming, but the past 9 months have been amazing filled with different experiences.

Laughter, happiness, sadness, regrets filled, adventurous, educating, exciting, almost every feeling.

From not going anywhere from December to February to touring Nigeria. Love it though my account bleedsπŸ˜…

Anyway, how have you been?

I’m sorry for the long break in transmission, NYSC and adulting have been after my life.

For my foreign readers, NYSC is the acronym for National Youth Service Corps, a program organised by the Nigerian government to enable the youths of Nigeria to serve their fatherland for a year. You are moved from your home to live in another state in Nigeria.

This program I feel is necessary but should be modified, but in the usual Nigerian method changes are never made with the times, we like to be stuck in the past and change only the things that benefit the government.

Is NYSC necessary to you?

Shout out to having my parents, siblings and friends as the best support system throughout this process, 4 more months to go and I’m quite elated!

I’m going to talk about my life divided into some areas.

1. Business:

The Readers Hut has been prosperous this year and that is thanks to you. Thank you for your support, the store will be clocking one on the 30th of October. I will be running an anniversary sale so do well to use this opportunity! πŸ€—

I had a major sale from Simi, the musician, and it boosted my sales. Just so you know Influencer marketing is crazy. Simi tagged me on Instagram after receiving her books and over 200 persons followed the business account overnight and about 10 persons bought books.


This is me who had been running giveaways to gain followers and patronage and few Nigerians reached out. One of my favourite highlights for the year.

2. NYSC:

Such a frustrating scheme, everything was wrong from the beginning but I have made amazing friends. I also travelled to places I never saw myself going to, definitely an amazing experience. I travelled to Abuja, Gombe and Delta for the first time.

Video recap! πŸ’•

3. Life:

I thought males and females hated each other, how come everyone is getting married every day? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I attended the highest number of weddings in the first half of the year. Beautiful experiences and I wish everyone love and light but no more weddings for me till I get a proper job. πŸ‘

I have had a year mixed with exciting times, and sad times, lost my aunt who was sort of my foster mum, and I have had depressing times while serving in delta state. I am also adjusting gradually to this place but I can’t wait to be done.

Brings me to the current issue in my head, What next after Nysc? If you have been in this situation, how did you navigate it? I would love to read your thoughts and advice.

I have had quite an exciting reading year, I will put a blog post of my favourite reads of the year soon.

I was sent a review copy of ‘I was a teen rockstar ‘by A. H. Mohammed. The author of The last days at forcados high, I enjoyed this book and put up a blog post, it gained so much traction. I hope you all love his newest book.

Shout out to the Nigerian music industry, you guys are doing the work! I may put up a review of my favourite songs and albums for the year on the blog or on my podcast. If you haven’t listened to Bants with Naza podcast, you need to fix up! 😊

Till next time guys! Thank you for reading, do share! πŸ’•

Catch ya!!


I'm a Pharmacist, an avid reader, music enthusiast and a lover of all things beautiful and fun. I promote books and the art of reading!! ❀️❀️

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