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Wake up call by Nky Omeka

I’m back with another beautiful book for you 😍😍 I’m on a roll this month, finished my fourth read of the month, drum rolls!!

Now to Wake up call by Nky Omeka, this is the most annoying book I have read this year. 😒 I liked it!

I always say books that hold your interest and bring out varying reactions from start to finish are the best ones.

This story is of a young lady, Elohor, an athlete, aiming to be the Athletic Champion for Nigeria or not. Elohor loves her family but has been given a difficult height to attain. In addition, Odafe, the son of a wealthy man, wants Elohor but she doesn’t, he is a pompous, rude and overbearing man but her family wants him for her.

In a bid to let go off her struggles she meets Ifeanyi again after series of events, a young non-graduate, spoilt who depends on his elder brother for everything. A love so strong but naive grows but are they meant to be with each other?

Elohor’s family aren’t happy with her choices, Elohor feels her family is selfish, life happens and Elohor learns that life has a lot in store for her. “Love is only one of the many reasons to be happy” , indeed a wake up call.

I loved Elohor but she was extremely foolish, the Nigerian Aunty in me wanted to help her set her head straight, cos what was this?

Her family was also very selfish and they never tried to understand. This family wasn’t your typical Nigerian family, Elohor got away with a lot of things that I could never try in my home. I mean who brings their boy friend to their family home and makes out in the parlour or accepts marriage proposal from a man who hasn’t met your family the Nigerian way, my parents would show you pepper.😂😂

To the men, none of them deserved her. Nky did us dirty😂😂, this was a case of choosing the lesser evil but in the end love wins, corrects and teaches.

This was a really calm read as always. Looking for a book to engage your mind, looking for a leisure read with annoying characters whom you would eventually come to love, this book is for you.

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His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie

God, this book! I am angry, from the start to the end made me laugh but I was so pissed.

Why this? The annoyance increased as I read. Everything that happened in this book especially to Afi, she alone received the blame and the major cause of issues was never made to take the fall for his actions.

This story set in Ghana tells the story of Afi, a young woman who at a tender age loses her dad and her middle-class status in society to live like a pauper. Her dad while alive, taking care of the extended family as the only educated member, didn’t make preparations for his death. Ali and her mum have to survive and her mum sacrifices a lot to achieve this.

The ever benevolent aunt, Mrs Ganyo, a wealthy and affluent woman from Afi’s hometown, provides support and in the long run, Afi has to make sacrifices as thanks offering to the Ganyos.

Marry Eli Ganyo, Aunty’s son who is being charmed by a Liberian woman who is ‘ugly and hates his family’. Afi is to save this man, a grown-ass man , so she marries him in absentia.

Afi is well-taken care of but hasn’t met her husband, eventually, she does and has to do everything with her feminine wiles to keep this man from the other woman.

This was such an interesting, captivating read, with a total of less than 300 pages, lovely!

I have gone physical with almost every character in this book in real life, that’s how annoying they were.

Why should Afi have to suffer to keep a man who desires another? Why does she receive the blame for all the flaws in her marital home just because she is a woman? Why does she have to fight for a man especially because he is rich, doesn’t she deserve to be fought for?

This was a frustrating read, from greedy uncles to extended family problems, African aunties issues, the rich people’s mentality, to the selfishness, mummy’s boy’s issues, this book had it all.

Read this book, you would love it, this is African Drama at its finest. The writing style was so easy, and I loved the cover and total book design. I think the best books are the ones that bring out all the emotions in you.

Poverty was such a strong theme in this book, but in the end, Afi won despite how hard it was. A lesson I learnt, all the money in the world is not worth the pain. Afi was a strong character and I loved her growth as the story continued.

I also read Daughters who walk this path by Yejide Kilanko. This was another heart wrenching beautiful read.

I just concluded  A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, the book club’s current read , my July reading is turning out amazing!

What are you reading this month?

My birthday month is coming soon and I’m excited!! 朗朗

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