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Why You Should read Love in Colour by Bolu Babalola.

In 2021, I was gifted money to get this book by a book club member, thank you Prince! I’m extremely happy I got this book, definitely one to re-read.

To think I started reading it last year, finished the first story and abandoned it🤦, mostly due to varying reviews on it.

This year my #Buyonebookamonthchallenge2022 on twitter has kicked off but I wouldn’t be buying the books till later, need to finish up the ones I have, gradually becoming more of a book buyer than a reader😂😂

If you follow my blog, you will know I don’t do the whole in-depth review, sorry I’m not so great with words.😏 I rave about books I loved as well as the ones I didn’t. Give me a good story; sweet, angry, happy, anything intelligent to keep me hooked from start to finish, that’s all I need.

Bolu did the thing in this beautiful book and as a certified lover girl, despite contrary opinions which I do not care about😏, this was a perfect collection of love stories. Sweet, mushy, feel good, warm love stories retold from mythical tales around the world.

Bolu retold mythical stories from patriarchal times into stories of brave, strong, fierce, daring, audacious, intelligent women who also loved deeply or somehow found their way to love. Women who discovered they could be more and became more.

There were happy ever afters, tragic stories but in all love stood tall and supreme, a collection of 13 stories with 3 being original shorts from Bolu. I loved her originals.

My favourite stories were Scheherazade, Attem, Psyche, Siya, Naleli, Thisbe, Tiara and Alagomeji.

Tales of beautiful women in flawed societies, who found strength in being who they were, being self-aware, finding love in the strangest settings, defining women as strong and vulnerable, strong and love deeply, warriors and beautiful as well. Diverse women fully represented, widows, lesbians, thick and so on.

Love so strong, descriptive, although a bit rushed, word flow intact, few cliffhangers, touching every stage of life and love barely from the sexual perspective but the point of total affection for a person.

A mix of historical and contemporary settings where Bolus’ infatuation with the millennial and Gen. Z demographic cohort shined through. Infusing a word like ‘raggedy’ and in Naleli’s story, her bestie Letsha screaming “That’s my best friend! Baddest bitch in Maloti Valley. Tidies sitting pretty in that pink bikini, Ayy!” totally took me out. 😂😂 Bolu is an exciting personality and it shows in these stories.

The cover design too was a hit!

Sadly, parts dragged in the stories and some were a bit rushed. There was a bit of the same storyline in the stories, less substance in the plot, but I didn’t have a problem with it, definitely would recommend this book!

The last story, Alagomeji, centred on Bolus’ parents love story, was the sweetest Nigerian love story I have read in a while.

Bolu is an amazing storyteller, the flow of grammar and infusion of humour made every story an experience.

Pictures of my favourite passages:

Till our next post!

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My 2021 Year Review

Quite a fast year I must say but I loved it. There were wins, losses, happy times, sad times and stress-filled moments.

Started on a happy note, after spending a whole year at home, seeking internship placement (P. S. If you want to study a health-related course pick nursing, medicine and radiography so you can japa easily).

A crazy year with extreme highs and lows, I will be recapping in sections, dive in.

Becoming a Pharmacist;

I completed my internship, next year I will be fully licensed to practice. Sadly, these days I find that I’m gradually losing zeal for this course😑 despite participating as the lead pharmacist in about 5 health outreach.

Just to remind you of my being a Pharmacist😆

I had the best year as an Intern at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, I learned what the corporate world is like especially in the government sector. Working with lazy people, hardworking people, making new friends; Mercy, Percy, Ike, Jennifer, Joy, Monica, Precious, Sotonye, Fynn, Unique, Shalom, ThankGod, Ellis and a host of others. Quarrelled, made up, got stressed with getting to and from work ‘cos Port-Harcourt transport system is the ghetto( You should listen to my podcast where I rant/talk about this and my previous blog post), combining house chores with work and a host of crazy experiences.

Regardless I learnt and I experienced life.

The Readers Hut…

The community grew across social media platforms. It’s been 2 years of blogging and hosting the book club and this brand will be 3 years old by February 1.

My book club members frustrated me a lot with lack of participation, in all, it was an exciting year for us. We read 19 books, bonded these last days of the year, had our first virtual meeting/party, played games and generally had a good time. In all we had supportive members too; Tim, Ruth, Favour, Adams, Chinwendu, Chimaobi and a host of amazing people who chipped in new ideas and made the year beautiful. Here’s hoping we do more next year.

I finally started book sales in October, been a long time coming, still growing and improving but the support has been amazing. Don’t forget to refer or buy from me next year🤩, scan through my catalogue you might see something you like.😊

I participated in a Twitter contest for small businesses where we were to submit videos stating what we would need 100,000 NGN for and my video was picked 🥳, a big win for my business as funding is so hard to come by.

We had beautiful book club discussions too, just to inform you, my book club members are so smart, intelligent and beautiful!

The beautiful messages from my book club members this season, makes me feel so good, loved and fulfilled. Next year we are going harder and better, cheers to growth🥂

Family and Friendships…

My family will always be the same, I’m grateful for them, despite how much they make me complain, I have this love-angry relationship with them. I can’t wait to make the money I deserve so I can spoil everyone, contribute maximally and move out😙😏. Love you The Nwaeke’s! ❤️

For my friends, I’m grateful for everyone, from allowing me to rant/listening to me, to being present, to buying me gifts; my birthday was beautiful despite the mixed feelings then, to the constant encouragements, for being you, Thank you, I love you and I miss my friends so much!

Distance/Life is so annoying 😑

I may have also found love too but who knows let’s see what 2022 has in store… 😌

I had friends who were critically ill and they survived(Senny and Percy, we are thankful to every one of you who made this possible), my friends lost parents too and I can’t explain how sad I was, we cried a lot this year, but time will heal pains. Love you my baby girls (Rita, Endy, Chisom and Evelyn)

I had fun times with friends, Kasarachi, Chisom, Alex, Richard, Shola, Jennifer, Irene and I attended a get together with my secondary school classmates😍, I also made new friends🥰.  For those who didn’t take me out this year,  Apollos, Solomon and Co. 🙄, fix up loves.

My friends lost a lot and are still losing breaks my heart so much, some won a lot too and this makes me so proud; from Chimdi working on our Haircare brand, to Debby getting a job with She Leads Africa, Shola getting into an acting school, my girls getting good jobs and so many other wins. Makes me extremely happy🤗

Friends and acquaintances got married!! My goodness, it’s like a bell was rung or something, Y’all should let us know what’s up please😂. Congratulations to my beautiful people who found their lovers this year, Rita, Thelma, Christy and Christy😂😂, Immaculata(yours is coming though), Egwuchi, Queeneth( I had fun on your day😍), for we singletons we go again next year😌.

And Finally, Me…

I lived, I laughed, I cried(alot), I had fun, I made good and bad choices, I loved my friends openly and intentionally, I made an impact in my community.

I  plan for the new year with my best babes Chimdi and Debby. We have been extremely busy this year, regardless, I met some of my goals for the year and despite me looking down on myself sometimes for not doing much I’m doing my best and I’m grateful for the little wins.

I read 38 books this year, the smallest number I have read in a year, adulting kicked my ass but that’s fine. You can view the list of books I read on good reads and the list of to be bought books for next year In Jesus Name.

In all, I had a pretty sweet and amazing year! I’m hopeful for the new year although 2022 is filled with uncertainties with going for NYSC (I will drop deets on it so be prepared😉), being currently unemployed and thinking/praying and planning concerning my future.

Cheers to the new year and may I be the first to wish you, HAPPY NEW YEAR 🥳🥰 Bye!!

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Tomorrow Died Yesterday by Chimeka Garricks : A Review

Thank you to everyone who kept telling me to read this book, I love you all!

I haven’t spent a whole day reading and laying about in a while, I missed that feeling. Adulting is the ghetto.

I did this today and this book made it way worth it.

This is the most beautiful story I have read this year, my whole heart!🥺 This book broke me, I cried, as usual, I don’t know how to completely express how I feel, just need you to get a copy and read it.

My favourite feature of this story was its premise in Rivers State, my state of origin. We see most books from Lagos so this was a welcomed change, I loved that I could relax into the pages and feel like I’m home. I honestly thought this story was a product of a real-life experience.

This book was filled with humour, love, friendship and its loss, family, politics, militancy, kidnapping, freedom fighters, bad governance, godfatherism and any other themes. A sad, haunting and thrilling read.

I loved a lot of names used in this book. After Yoruba names, Rivers names have always been so awesome to me; Doye Koko😊, I loved this man, Damiete, Kaniye, Dise, such beautiful names.

This book is a story of four friends born into different circumstances; Doye Koko ‘the most intelligent with a deadbeat dad’, Kaniye ‘the bastard son of Sir James’, Tubo ‘the orphan’ and Amaibi ‘the catechists son’ born in the town of Asiama, Rivers State.

These four grow up, become different persons and have to decide what life they want to live. Ideologies change, life happens and everyone reaps a bit of reward for the life they choose. They realise the easy camaraderie and brotherhood they share has been mauled by life.

The characters were relatable, I loved all the major characters except Tubo, such a greedy wuss, I wondered how he was still friends with Amaibi and Kaniye, I would have kicked him out of my life a long time ago. He reminds me of some of the ‘Port-Harcourt boys I have met/encountered, always so loud but when the chips are down they would never act, so irritating.

I kinda saw Doye’s reasons for all he did, a warped thought process but it’s a cutthroat world out there and look what happened to him and his family. He became too proud though I knew something was coming.

Kaniye and Sir James had the weirdest family bond, I had a growing fondness for Sir James despite everything and I loved how Kaniye always tried to rile him up.

The love story between Kaniye and Deola was so sweet and natural. I could relate to Deola a lot. The struggle to find a spouse amid family and personal preferences can be so stressful. I loved how Chimeka described her as a devout Christian but defying societal/nigerian norms of how a Christian woman should be.

Amaibi’s life and reverence to his dad reminds me of my Dad and I, although Amaibi was quite an extremist. Dise! So strong, such a beautiful character!

‘God’ was such a strong presence in this book, still valid to say that Nigerians are so extra about Christianity but commit the worst sins.

This story was about the people of Asiama and their struggle to survive in the presence of oil companies, greedy politicians and chiefs and the oil boom in the Niger Delta from oil spills to bunkering. It points out all the flaws in our country, the role of the Niger Deltans during the era of militancy, the fight for support and livelihood of oil company host communities and finally the presence of godfatherism and corruption in Nigeria.

I got pissed a lot in the course of reading and it’s so sad to see that yes militancy has stopped but things are still bad and we are in 2021. Armies still shoot civilians carelessly, oil bunkering is still there, we in Port-Harcourt are slowly dying, the air is polluted. Nigerian government always frustrating those who ask them to do their jobs, everything is still the same.

This may have been fiction but it is still our reality.

Finally, this was book was all shades of amazingness, you can pick it up at the rate of 3,000 to 3,500 in Nigeria from Bookmarket NG and other book stores.

Favourite parts of the book:

That’s it, thanks for reading! Bye till my next post😍

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Wake up call by Nky Omeka

I’m back with another beautiful book for you 😍😍 I’m on a roll this month, finished my fourth read of the month, drum rolls!!

Now to Wake up call by Nky Omeka, this is the most annoying book I have read this year. 😒 I liked it!

I always say books that hold your interest and bring out varying reactions from start to finish are the best ones.

This story is of a young lady, Elohor, an athlete, aiming to be the Athletic Champion for Nigeria or not. Elohor loves her family but has been given a difficult height to attain. In addition, Odafe, the son of a wealthy man, wants Elohor but she doesn’t, he is a pompous, rude and overbearing man but her family wants him for her.

In a bid to let go off her struggles she meets Ifeanyi again after series of events, a young non-graduate, spoilt who depends on his elder brother for everything. A love so strong but naive grows but are they meant to be with each other?

Elohor’s family aren’t happy with her choices, Elohor feels her family is selfish, life happens and Elohor learns that life has a lot in store for her. “Love is only one of the many reasons to be happy” , indeed a wake up call.

I loved Elohor but she was extremely foolish, the Nigerian Aunty in me wanted to help her set her head straight, cos what was this?

Her family was also very selfish and they never tried to understand. This family wasn’t your typical Nigerian family, Elohor got away with a lot of things that I could never try in my home. I mean who brings their boy friend to their family home and makes out in the parlour or accepts marriage proposal from a man who hasn’t met your family the Nigerian way, my parents would show you pepper.😂😂

To the men, none of them deserved her. Nky did us dirty😂😂, this was a case of choosing the lesser evil but in the end love wins, corrects and teaches.

This was a really calm read as always. Looking for a book to engage your mind, looking for a leisure read with annoying characters whom you would eventually come to love, this book is for you.

To get a hold of a copy, visit Bambooks or Okadabooks (Titled Lovers on Okadabooks) . Don’t forget to tag us on twitter or Instagram when you wish to share your thoughts after reading this book!

Follow Nky Omeka on Instagram and see what she is up to! She really is a pro at writing beautiful stories.


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A Broken People’s Playlist by Chimeka Garricks: A Review

Photo Credit: Me!

A beautiful, heart-rending collection of stories written some in the first person or second person narrative, linked by love, family, happiness, trauma and every spicy detail of human life particularly as a Nigerian.

This is a collection of 12 stories that touch quite a lot of themes but centres on the feeling, Pain. Chimeka is an amazing writer, his wordplay is smooth, he leaves you wanting more, some stories were intertwined and there were lessons to learn.

The stories were also named after songs which according to Chimeka inspired him to write, the book is accompanied by a playlist you can listen to on Spotify, that’s genius I must say and I so love music.

The first story, Lost stars focused on the final acceptance of love and eternal loss.

Music was about family drama masked with music as a coping mechanism. Loving one despite their failures. We see a man who leaves his wife for another and is pardoned because everyone feels ‘his eyes go well because his new woman is beautiful’

In Hurt, we meet Dami, a self-destructive man ,with a life full of love, hate and the regrets of lost time.

Song for someone: Ukela living with so much pain, finding love and finally learning to let go.

In the city broke my heart, our sad reality in Nigeria, this book was written before the #Endsars protest which occurred in Nigeria, October 2020, which hoped to stop the activities of unjust police officers practice but to date, there is no significant change. We meet Officer Eneche who feels he is haunted in his dreams due to all the wrongs he has committed, we see his deeds and I wonder why he is surprised he is being haunted?

In I put a spell on you, we meet cheating husbands and wives whonise superstitious charms to keep their men, quite a funny tale.

I’d die without you, another sad one, grief, pain and the aftermath of wrong choices. Made me feel like this was a foretelling of one of Nigeria’s leading actresses, Adesua Etomi Wellington experience in the past year.

In Beautiful war, we meet the truthful cheating husband😂, the irony. His road to acceptance and forgiveness, the thought that men will always be men so we shouldn’t expect them to not cheat.

In River, we see confraternities, mistaken identity, death and grief.

Love’s Divine and Desperado, Tekwashi, a drunk on the road to sobriety, challenges of men who are sexually defiled as minors and the emotional impact, this was a really good one

Finally, You suppose know, my second favourite story, the type of love I want to experience and live.

These stories were written uniquely, it was written to see things from different perspectives as men and women. Each story had its unique points, easy to understand, you fall in love with the characters despite the short scenes.

You would love this book, I attended a book reading session with the author at Bookville world bookshop in Port-Harcourt. A sweet and interesting discussion, healthy debate and an awesome day.

The author, Chimeka Garricks and I

I got my copy autographed too and picked some books..

Hopefully, I get to go out more and share the deets! Buy this book, you won’t regret it. You can pick one from Roving Heights, Buy books in Port-Harcourt or any other book shop!

Till next time!

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My Thoughts on the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

I was on a journey when I finished reading this book, my emotions were everywhere and I was weeping as usual.

I have heard of Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury and so many others. I had previously read Karen’s works and they were great, kept me reading through the night and as usual made me cry a bucket load of tears too, made me reflect on my spiritual life and all that, I specially kept some of her works for times when I need reassurances from God.

Francine Rivers is now in this special box. 🤗❤️❤️

Redeeming Love was nothing short of beautiful, gut wrenching, amazing, engaging, emotional, sad and thoughts inducing. I have had Redeeming Love since forever and I had heard of Francines’ works too, I didn’t want to read them I don’t know why I guess I just read as my heart decides.

This book was the book clubs read for September and it was so amazing, so many quotes to share with you, so many lessons, so much gifts in one book. This book was a blessing to me and I’m glad I read it at this time.

This story was a retelling of Hosea and Gomers story in the Old Testament and Francine did justice to it. The characters were well developed, Sarah’s story was a sad one but she was such a strong character, I love how she came to her bloom at the end and Michael Hosea is such an amazing man.

This book made me question my choices, my relationship with God, my life as a whole.

There were so many themes expressed in this book and the book club had a field day discussing them. We saw themes like God’s everlasting love for us, Human Understanding, forgiveness, hope, redemption, GOD, obedience, trust, faith, prostitution, abortion, Christianity, patience, pedophilia, church and politics, purity, selflessness and so on.

You should know by now I don’t like reading books again but I definitely will be rereading Redeeming Love. I know so many persons who have read it more than 10 times😳, oh well, that can’t be me😏

If you are looking for a Christian book that gives you all the good vibes without being all in your face about religion, this book is it! Francine gave us Repentance and Godly vibes without been extremely religious, she was real. She made ‘sex’ sacred, without making us feel like its a wrong act.

It was a real come to Jesus moment for me.😇

Can’t leave without sharing some quotes which stood out to me! 🤗 See you soon!

Have you read Redeeming Love? You could share your thoughts or Christian books which have touched your life as well

“Michael closed his eyes. Lord, forgive me. You said go to her, and I let pride stand in my way. You said she needed me, and I didn’t believe. You said love her, and I thought it would be easy. Help me. Open my heart and mind so that I will love her as you have loved me.”

““I don’t know, Amanda. Priests are only men. They’re not God. They come with their own personal prejudices and faults just like anyone else.””

Now this quote, how do you feel about people that totally worship their Pastors?

“Susanna put the container on her lap. “This is my God box,” she said. “When problems prey on my mind, I write them down, fold them up, and put them through the slot. Once they’re inside this box, they’re God’s problem and not mine.””

“I have been insufferable and self-righteous and cruel. The revelation was bitter and painful, but a relief, too. There was an odd sort of freedom in standing before a mirror and seeing himself clearly. For the first time in his life.”

“Love the Lord your God, and love one another. Love one another as he loves. Love with strength and purpose and passion and no matter what comes against you. Don’t weaken. Stand against the darkness, and love. That’s the way back into Eden. That’s the way back to life.”

Finally, words from Francine Rivers:

“Writing Redeeming Love was a form of worship for me. Through it, I was able to thank God for loving me even when I was defiant, rebellious, contemptuous of what I thought being a Christian meant, and afraid to give my heart away. I had wanted to be my own god and have control of my life the way Eve did in the Garden of Eden. Now I know to be loved by Christ is the ultimate joy and fulfillment. Everything in Redeeming Love was a gift from the Lord: plot, characters, theme. None of it is mine to claim.”

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Do Better!

The past two weeks have been crazy, first we heard of George Floyd’s death in the United States, while in Nigeria, Tina, was killed by a stray bullet fired by a police, and Uwa, a twenty-two year old female was raped and killed in the church where she went to read, a freaking Church! This is really the height of disrespect!

All social media platforms are agog with people screaming, shouting, talking and sharing their experiences. 2020 has really been that year and let’s not forget the growing number of Corona Virus cases in Nigeria, but in spite of these, I’M CHOOSING TO STAY POSITIVE!

The girl child has gone through a lot of stress, we are expected to be a lot of things, a mother, a good girlfriend, supportive, peace maker, cook, perfect but we aren’t even allowed to be safe in the world.

We as citizens in the world can’t move about, freely, because we may be shot at or held by the police at some point which may eventually lead to death.

I’m not the most positive of persons , but I’m choosing to be positive, to walk this path and pray that the world will be better and I hope you do so to.

To all who have been affected by rape, female or male, I’m so sorry, so sorry for the lawless lives we live, for our loveless and heartless society.To all who have lost their loved ones to racism, or who have experienced racism at some point in their lives, I’m so sorry and I pray for strength for everyone.

You know what all these has taught me, the society is LOVELESS!! We hate each other, we envy one another and its so sad.

Here’s a song that fully expressed my feelings towards these issues, you could check it out, you will certainly love it!

I’m tired of the strife in my country Nigeria, it’s just stressful living here sometimes, but I also don’t want to lose hope because I know we can do better.

It’s not enough to write lengthy posts on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, it’s not enough to quarrel and try to find out who is at fault for all the things happening in the world, it’s time for us to be better, to do better, the change we seek tomorrow starts with YOU!

We can only do so much in our little ways but let it count. Let LOVE lead people, let’s be the change we seek.

We keep saying ‘Rapists’ and ‘Racists’, who are these ‘Rapists’? Who are these ‘Racists’?

It’s you who who touches one without permission, you who doesn’t respect boundaries and personal space, you who doesn’t respect people’s choices and opinions especially towards their body, it’s you who support your friends to commit ill-fated acts against people. It’s you who doesn’t respect the skin colour and people whom God has created to live in this world, you have no right to harm another human.

When you bear your kids, teach them to love, to embrace and respect people regardless of their gender, race and tribe.


Don’t forget to check this song:

Time Magazine recently made a publication on how books on racism have been selling out because of the increased awareness this season to racism, and I will say this is an interesting development!! ⁣

⁣ To increase your education on racism as well as help combat this vice, here’s a book for you:⁣ ⁣

🔮So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

Have fun!! Bye till next time, stay safe, stay positive!